Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Divine Understanding

Science can explain a lot more than we know. After all, it is essentially the act of the human race attempting to decipher nature's mysteries. We use terms like "paranormal" to describe things that don't fit into our understanding of life and energy forces. If one experiences memories of a past life, the religious term for this is "reincarnation", yet it is a simple fact of life that we inherit instincts and each of us are actually born with previous life experience that is passed on to us through genetics, once again proving my theory that science and spirituality can co-exist peacefully.

I believe the evidence leading up to 2012, be it the ancient prophecies, our recent climate change or simply our observation of a changing universe is a sign that there are some that are able to tap into more than just their instincts, but also into a telepathic realm of information.

Our brains operate on a basis of electrical impulses. In fact, humans have a magnetic field that surrounds them due to the energy we project. This energy field can be seen as an "aura", or a colored light that surrounds every individual person. In addition to projecting energy forces, the human body is able to absorb energy. This opens up the possibility that perhaps we are able to absorb energy that other people are projecting and subconsciously detect and understand the inner emotions and even the thoughts of that person just by the energy they radiate. The color of a person's aura can usually indicate their mood, whether they are angry or scared or at peace can be visually detected. Pheromones are chemicals that are released by the brain, their sole purpose being to signal other people. Animals use pheromones to attract mates, but perhaps there is more to it when it comes to humans.

They say that a large majority of communication is non-verbal. We can communicate through body language, through smell due to our pheromones, and perhaps on a semi-conscious level, by absorbing the energy of those who are around us. The fact that we communicate verbally with the languages we know, is essentially ineffective. Describing locations or objects is no problem, but what about our feelings? If one is to describe their internal emotion as "love" then how are they assured the person on the other end truly understands exactly what that feeling is? The fact of the matter is, they aren't. Everyone has a different concept of what it is, and when they hear the word "love" they are understanding it based on their own concepts and experiences with love. We all know the feeling exists, but some have experienced it on varying degrees, or perhaps not at all.

It is hard to imagine communicating any other way with each other. Our vocal chords have developed to form distinct sounds, we have developed complex systems of symbols, alphabets and grammatical structures, yet we still aren't able to fully communicate with each other... yet.

The term "collective memory" refers to the theory that all human beings are able to draw on millions of years of information that has been passed on through genetics (often giving the illusion of reincarnation). If a person discovers something, the energy produced by their brain can be picked up by the rest of the world. It's as if all of our memories are all stored in the same place and we can draw on events and ideas that we haven't actually experienced. One theory states that all things that exist are all part of the same wave of energy. How every atom and molecule is constantly moving, completely separate from each other much like the gravitational forces of our solar system. If it were a "big bang" that created all of this out of nothing, then surely everything in the universe is still connected through that energy. The origin of mankind is still subject to much scientific and religious debate but whether it is "God" as seen by those of an organized religion, a higher form of galactic forces believed by some spiritual followers, or the big bang as theorized by science, we can all agree that it was some form of energy that sparked life as we know it today. Understanding this energy may help us understand where we came from and help us look in to the future to see where we are headed.

The fact that the Mayans knew details about our universe and were able to so accurately map time and space, is evidence that everything we know today is still a very small percentage of the true secrets of our existence. The correlation between the forces that make our planets orbit the sun and the forces that make electrons orbit the nucleus of an atom, can almost tell us that there are forces on such a higher scale that we cannot comprehend. Perhaps our earth is no more than an electron orbiting our sun as a nucleus of an atom in another parallel universe that exists on a greater scale. Given that the telescopes we use to observe far off galaxies are essentially the same as the microscopes we use to observe particles on a tiny scale, it is fair to say that there exists realms that we haven't discovered yet with our eyes, perhaps the same realms we see with our "third eye" or "pineal gland" when we dream and when we die, the only two times that our brain produces DMT, the most powerful hallucinogen known to exist. DMT may just be the uplink into alternate dimensions that we so eagerly await to discover.

After looking into DMT, and hearing about people's experiences on it, I began to explore the effects of certain hallucinogens (particularly psilocybin mushrooms) on the human mind. For centuries, these psychedelic mushrooms have been used by spiritual healers and for meditation as they induce a trance-like state and often are known to cause spiritual visions or hallucinations. Today, in northwestern society, users often experience energy and mild hallucinations when consuming them, but mushrooms can actually unlock another dimension when taken under the right circumstances.

**Before I continue I would just like to state that mushrooms are a restricted substance and are therefore illegal to carry or distribute, I take no liability for anyone getting arrested for trying substances based on my own account**

That being said, I decided to take mushrooms.

Having done them before, often with friends in a public setting, I experienced a mild euphoria and small hallucinations. They drew me to nature for some reason and always had a positive effect. However, your surroundings certainly dictate your conscious boundaries. For example, if you are in public you would be more conscious of your mannerisms and appearance than if you were alone. With all the visual and audio distractions, it is almost impossible to connect to anything on a semi-conscious level since your guard is up in full force. My latest experience was different however. I decided to take them by myself.

After consuming a few grams i had boiled up into a "shroom tea" I drank the solution and after about 20 minutes, consumed just a small amount of marijuana (which I find is an effective catalyst for the chemical reaction in your brain since it helps slow the role of your conscious thought) and I watched a couple psychedelic slide shows to music known as Goa Trance (known to enhance any psychedelic experience). Before long, my eyes drifted onto my keyboard which no longer had letters or numbers on it, in fact the buttons themselves appeared to be illuminated and could not seem to form a solid pattern. I closed my eyes and that's when I made the connection.

Much like that of a DMT experience, the blackness of my eyes being closed seemed to manifest itself into the universe through a floating feeling and the corresponding movements of lights and shapes at different angles. I felt another life form present, something of a greater spiritual understanding. I was not scared as it projected a very comforting feeling. It peeled a corner of the blackness away without revealing itself and underneath was, "the way the universe worked" as it seemed to communicate to me. What I saw was hard to describe. It was spread out as far as I could see like a sheet and was comprised of an infinite number of these spinning gears, that were strung next to each other, each of them spinning at different velocities bearing foreign symbols (something like those of the Hebrew alphabet) that were written in either yellow, blue, red or green on a surface that was another one of those colors. The gears were in a line but did not form an array, the lines of them seemed to intersect randomly and flow in a chaotic fashion, far beyond anything that my mind could comprehend. As I floated away from it and experienced a few other visualizations of complex psychedelic colors, patterns and wavelengths, suddenly I had a feeling of great understanding.

It was not an understanding of the fine, inner-workings of the universe, but more of a spiritual knowing that my thoughts and feelings towards our planet were somehow validated. That when I first heard about 2012 and it's impending doom, for the first time in a while I was intrigued to look into it for my own personal understanding (this being less that a year before I started this blog). I have discovered that not only are ancient Mayans and Egyptians correct in their understanding of the universe thousands of years before modern science could confirm it, but that they claim to have contacted a higher power from outside of this Earth. Nasa astronauts confirm there being unexplained forces and lifeforms that exist beyond our planet. Our bodies and minds are continuously growing and that our DNA has changed suddenly with respect to the changing amounts of radiation that the sun gives off throughout its cycles over the course of human history. The accounts of religious figures may have been accurate but weren't communicated effectively, thus giving fault to many of the organized religions that exist today. Psychic children with unexplainable powers and knowledge have been being born more and more each year. Chemicals that exist in our brain for unknown reasons have been known to cause visions far beyond that of what our human minds are capable of manifesting and essentially connecting us with a higher power far beyond that explainable by modern science. I don't have any formal classroom training on any astrophysics or quantum theory, but I understand. I feel as though I am amongst others in this spiritual quest, surely I am not alone in wanting answers for that is the basis of human existence.

After researching hallucinogenic substances a little bit further, I was startled that I didn't come across any reported cases of them causing any death or even bodily harm (except for people ingesting other poisonous mushrooms mistaking them for psilocybin). In fact, even LSD is considered generally non-toxic (but can "temporarily impair the ability to make sensible judgments and understand common dangers, thus making the user more susceptible to accidents and personal injury"). Even though proven to be not permanently harmful, they are all extremely illegal. Cigarettes and alcohol have been proven to cause death and are still readily available to anyone over the posted legal age to purchase. Perhaps there is something that the law-makers of our time know about mushrooms, DMT and other psychedelics that they are trying to warn us about or protect us from? Not a physical danger, not even a spiritual danger, but the higher evolution of a species means adopting new rules and logic that would conflict with the way our contemporary society has been functioning for the last few centuries. We should leave the universal exploration to "them" I suppose, but the meaningless criminalization of a substance that has proven not only positive medicinal purposes, but also can expand one's perception. They are labelled as narcotics in the eyes of the government. Alongside lethal crack cocaine and heroine (which don't even affect the body in the same ways). Mushrooms have never proven to be addictive. They have never caused an overdose. Many people use them as an escape from reality. Reality is created by own perception. By expanding our perception, we are expanding our minds and ultimately our understanding. It just seems odd that you could potentially be incarcerated for trying to connect with higher forces. By this logic, meditation should also be outlawed as it too can lead to visions and a higher connection. Perhaps religion should be banished. These ideas seem counterproductive to the forward movement of ourselves through this infinite array of time space. We have the freedom of speech and choice but we aren't allowed to eat a certain type of mushroom that grow naturally in our ecosystem... the forbidden fruit of our modern society.

The use of these mushrooms is speculated to date back to over 1 million years ago, when humans were surviving on very primitive food sources which included roots, berries and mushrooms. The ancient shamans throughout the world who are said to be a connection between the human and spirit world have used mushrooms in their rituals and have been known to heal and seek higher powers for answers and wisdom. Shamans have been known to practice throughout Asia, Africa and South America but their practices are typically discouraged in North American society which was traditionally constructed around the Christian faith and idealism. The basis of a system on ancient beliefs is counterproductive to the evolution of mind and spirit. Often, laws have to be created and are constantly being updated to keep up with the changing of the society that it governs but its not up to us to decide what's right and wrong, its up to those forces in congress which are generally wealthy Christians and are often ignorant to the elements of their communities that don't interest them. They are essentially trapped in similar reality tunnels and are therefore by no means an accurate representation of the general public. If it seems like the government is just designed to comfort the rich and doesn't seem logical to those who aren't, then chances are you are correct.

The concept of reality tunnels is described as a theory of quantum physics which states that a particle can only be visible based on the medium you are using to view it with. Not only is this describing scientific instruments being used but also our own eyes and minds are being used to observe and measure the behavior of matter. It is a parallel to the age-old question of the "tree falling in the woods", if there's nothing to consciously observe actions, how can they exsist? Everything in nature is connected however, this is how we fit in as conscious observers. Most people never are never conscious of this connection as they have limited perception and are often bombarded with so much to occupy the mind that they never stop to question our purpose on the planet or the forces of the universe. It makes sense logically considering that meditation and sensory deprivation can put humans into a mystic state when our senses are no longer distracting our minds. Expanding our perception is constant with our evolution over time. It is a natural process and is a basic human characteristic to question and explore those realms that seem to boggle our limited minds. It is essential for ignorance to exsist however, because it allows us to create our own realities. If we ignore things that make us unhappy, eventually they go away. Or we could find the best in everything and we no longer have to ignore anything. Everyones ethics are different and that is what allows us to understand more about ourselves if we can see things from alternate perspectives. No matter what there are going to people that are for or against whatever your beliefs are but by understanding the concept of reality tunnels and the divine/quantum connection we can use this as a tool to further our exsistance as humans.