Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DNA and 2012

DNA is the blueprint of our beings. It is a code that dictates how our cells are structured and produced, literally defining who we are as physical entities...

The evolution of man from primitive homo-erectus and neanderthal to the homo-sapiens we are today have not been gradual changes. Our DNA evolves abrupt and instantaneously instead of gradually over time which is why "the missing link" has never been discovered. The true answer lies with one type of rebel genetic element known as Retrotransposons. Essentially they are connectors of the tiny molecules that form our DNA and are actually able to relocate and fuse into other positions, essentially changing our entire chemical makeup. These changes are a dramatic, instant restructuring of our chemical makeup as humans.

In the year 3114BC, the Earth completed one fifth of its cycle called the Precession of the Equinoxes. This is also the year the Mayan calendar states that time began. This does not necessarily mean the Mayans believed the Earth was created on this date, but merely an educated guess into how their life began, perhaps marking a divine evolution of mankind. It is interesting to note that around 3000 BC, was when the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt started. The first known hieroglyphics can be dated back closely to this date. The first monument of Stonehenge was said to be build around then. In Malta, structures were built that reflected the solar and lunar cycles. Newgrange, a passage tomb was constructed by the New Stone Age people of Ireland, where at the dawn of the winter solstice (December 21st) a small beam of light can be seen on the floor. These events are all within a small time span of each other, and even though took place in isolated parts of the world, before the ages of global communications, it is interesting to note that all mark an evolution in mankind where we are no longer basic organisms looking for survival, but now are intelligent beings looking for answers (further evidence to prove the existence of collective memory: the belief that once information is known to one person, the rest of the population can telepathically receive the same information without any physical contact or communication). The key to interpreting the end of the Mayan calendar lies in understanding the basis in which it was created. It predicts the end of an era, perhaps foreshadowing the next major evolution in human beings which can be greatly impacted by the changes in our solar system.

Science tells us that we have "junk dna" in our bodies. There is currently unused matter in our dna structure, much like we have a huge capacity of unused brain space. The fact that our bodies have this unexplainable "extra junk" could be a good indication that we may be due for a real scientific evolution within our lifetimes. This event could ultimately be triggered by the changes in our Sun. The retrotransposons discussed earlier, are the changeable molecules that are able to relocate in our dna structure. This change can be triggered by changes and fluctuations in radiation levels that are received by the human body. The sun is our main source of this radiation and is constantly changing as it travels through its cycles. It emits not only radiation and heat, but a magnetic field which can directly change the Earth's atmosphere, gravitational pull and affect whatever life inhabits it. Many foresee changing levels of radiation to represent our own demise and proving to be fatal towards human beings, which would be true if these changes were to happen faster than we could adapt to. The same harmful radiation however, has been used to alter DNA samples and thus, could be the ultimate catalyst of human evolution (this is not an attempt to preach evolutionism, merely a try to discover the balance between the forces that created humans, and the abilities to evolve on our own through technology and adaptation to our surroundings).

The Pineal Gland located inside the human brain may just hold the answer into what we can expect in the next stages of our evolution, scientifically and spiritually.