Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A More "Religious" View of 2012

Science and Religion have always opposed each other. Ever since I was younger, I always saw the two as parallels both equally as relevant. Never belonging to an organized religion, I consider myself a spiritual believer in a realm that is beyond our basic human understanding. I believe in creation and evolution harmonized to bring us to where we are today. If the creator was "God" as a single being, spiritual entity or simply a source of energy, then surely our technological and archaeological advances prove that human beings as a species have "evolved". It has always perplexed me that science and religion have opposed each other when science is merely a way of deciphering a very deep and celestial model of who we are and where we fit into the grand scheme of the universe. Perhaps we need to evolve more as spiritual and scientific beings before we can grow to understand the fundamentals of our own existence.

The following video supports a more religious point of view, and shows that even biblical scholars have predicted 2012, not just a foreshadowing of the changes to come, but also as an idea to how we came to be on this planet. As primitive beings we consider our creators "God" someone who genetically engineered us to function the way we do. Surely this God is not from our planet. It is a celestial being from beyond the stars, an "Extra Terrestrial" as modern science would describe it. The video talks about a deleted chapter of the bible known as the Book of Enoch which claims we may not be alone in the universe with relevance to the year 2012 and the planetary alignments.

It is easy to ignore the storybook tales of some primitive culture, but hard to ignore the question: "Are we alone in the universe????"