Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Indigo Children

The term "indigo children" originally refers to the free-spirited, rebellious youth of the late 1960's. Given the period of time where social conformity was essentially a force that could not be resisted, a new wave of human beings were said to have naturally or supernaturally evolved to show a divine new possibility of existence. Named indigo (referring to the blue or purple aura that people see surrounding them), the first wave of these "evolved" humans started becoming noticeable around the 1960's, hence spawning the rebellious spiritual revolution and environmental movements that has manifested itself into a belief system over the last few decades. Originally labelled "hippies", the new wave of humanity discovered enlightenment through connecting with each other, the earth and the rest of the universe through one constant flowing stream of energy. The outlandish and far out thoughts and idealisms that they possessed, were often dismissed as drug-induced fantasies and these free-thinking new wave of beings were discredited due to the open use of hallucinogenic substances and the mere fact that the generation before them simply could not comprehend or relate to these ideas and feelings.

The second wave of indigo children is said to fall between 1978 and 1995. Scientifically, the children in question actually posses newly discovered genes that were not present in human beings before, which is concrete evidence of the inevitable evolutionary phase we have already begun. Not only do these children posses a great deal of intelligence and creativity (often misdiagnosed as attention deficit disorder due to their reluctance to focus on minute trivial matters) but also they are said to have a much greater intuition, which when channelled, can be used to heal, contact the deceased, tap into collective memory and essentially are gifted with overall psychic powers. Children as early as 2 years old have described in detail, events and situations that no child's imagination could ever manifest on its own, perhaps giving proof to the theory that our mysterious pineal glands (said to be the "third eye", a window into a spiritual realm) could in fact be preparing for a divine evolution in which the process has already begun.

One article states that the government acknowledges the existence of this new wave of psychic beings, but does not embrace them as it would be counterproductive towards its conformist-based capitalism-driven system of human functionality. Often, the indigo children are easily distinguished in early school years because of their lack of focus and unwillingness to conform to the idealistic standards of today's North American school systems. Their abilities are often labelled as "attention deficit disorder" and are treated with medications to essentially make them fall back in line and cut off any type of free thought and spiritual independence. Evidence of this lies as close to home as the water we drink, which is full of fluoride and chlorine, chemicals that have been known to slow the growth of the brain in humans. Chem-trails and vaccinations are also thought to be an attempt at controlling us carried out by the same leaders we elected, which makes perfect sense that the government which operates by century-old laws and ancient theories, would be under threat if all of a sudden the same people they were controlling were suddenly smarter and more in-tune with the universe than they are. Sounds like anarchist propaganda, but continuing with the notion that anything is possible, it certainly raises a concern on some level. Its hard to believe that anyone truly trusts the government to begin with.

It wasn't until discovering this phenomenon, that I realized all my childhood experiences with paranormal feats and psychic ability were actually justified. I was labelled as "gifted" in the early years of elementary school but often found it hard to focus on the boring material in class. This spawned a great deal of my own creativity to manifest itself and I was never diagnosed with ADHD. My family could confirm that in the past I've made presumably innocent predictions that had come true, including the accidental death of my grandmother in 2008, and having been in contact with my deceased father when I was only 3 years old. I am told what I described was real, and have some family members convinced that I may just posses a divine connection into another realm that extends beyond the reaches of the planet and the physical laws that we abide by in our contemporary society. In essence, if one were to label me as a indigo child, it would make sense to know that I did exactly what it was that "we" were supposed to do... enlighten others with this gift. The following videos can better describe these new enlightened form of human beings:

Regardless of what your personal beliefs are, I am comforted to know that I am not alone in my far-fetched theories, all which somehow relate back to 2012. Fact or fiction, these "crazy ideas" have scientific and spiritual evidence to suggest that there there much more going on than just what we see infront of us on a daily basis. By acknowledging these changes we can ensure this transition is as comfortable for us as possible, since it is going to happen whether or not we prepare or believe.

please refer to this website, it's the best source of information that I've found on Indigo Children, etc.