Monday, September 21, 2009

The Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is perhaps the most mysterious part of the human body. Located at the center of the brain, it has been referred to as the "third eye" and many believe it could hold the key to our own existence in the universe. One of the functions of the gland is that it produces a chemical called"dimethyltryptamine" or DMT every night during our REM sleep. This chemical enables our subconscious to produce dreams in a realm that is different from our waking conscious life and reality. DMT is present in most living things including trees, plants, animals and of course humans. This substance has been known to be present in our brains for decades, but is rarely discussed possibly because of the lack of knowledge we have towards its mysterious power. Some have even found a way to extract this chemical from plants and have used it as a hallucinogenic drug. Its results were described as a mind blowing look into another realm far beyond that of our earthly parameters. A study was done where dozens of human test subjects were given this drug and asked to document its affects. These results were astounding to the scientists conducting the experiment. Most of the subjects reported experiencing extreme hallucinations or visions that were unquestionably beyond something the human brain could manifest on its own. People that have experienced the drug claimed to be in touch with another realm of the universe, some supposedly were in contact with higher life forms that were unlike any of those that we know about on our planet. What does this have to do with 2012? Some cultures, and non partisan scientists believe that DMT and the pineal gland may just be the divine and spiritual evolution that many cultures have been predicting for centuries.

Many cultures and religions have a great variety of beliefs as to what will happen with the future of mankind and the realm and conditions we live in. Not to patronize organised religions, but the end result of all basic concepts is that if you follow a divine path, you will survive in some kind of spiritual afterlife. The chemical DMT is produced when you die, which is the scientific explanation behind the "white light" and the talking to passed loved ones when one faces a near-death experience. We can now start to analyze the unknown spiritual side of our beings on a scientific level. The activity in the brain including electric impulses continues for several minutes after a human dies, and with the combination of the chemical DMT which is said to cause hallucinations that seems to transcend time and space could just be the celestial "heaven" that so many religions use to describe the afterlife of someone who is pure and follows the basic guidelines to humanity. These ideals differ from person to person, they are communicated through scripture and sermons, but since we are not all telepathic beings, the words we read and hear are not actually the intended feelings the speaker is having. They are merely triggers into our brain of our own understanding of the words we read and write, which opens up an unlimited gateway into miscommunication. To pray, and embrace an understanding of a higher power could just be the first step to unlocking our potential power inside our own brains. Our beliefs are all completely different even if we all belong to the same religion, we still cannot completely communicate our feelings through spoken and written languages. To sum it up, we may have to believe this in order to be able to experience this great transition and evolution as spiritual beings. If the pineal gland is an untapped gateway into a spiritual realm and a person never attempts to connect with it, the evolutionary process may not affect them, since their spiritual side is inactive or non-existent. The conflict between Determinism and Free Will could be conquered if we realize that there are factors that we can and can't control, ultimately proving both theories to be accurate even though they are complete opposites. In the end, the future is nothing more than unknown, but through strings of "what-if's", educated guesses, and the willingness to compromise and accept theories, the answers may just be out there.

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