Monday, September 21, 2009

The Sumerians

The ancient Sumerians who originated in the land of Sumer, which is now the country of Iraq, existed in the biblical times that were recorded in the Old Testament of the bible that Christians follow today. Their theory on the creation of mankind, describes alien life forms from the planet Nibiru or "planet x" which has yet to be discovered in our solar system. Much like the Mayans, the Sumerians had mapped out our solar system centuries before our modern technology could confirm that planets existed that were further than the naked eye of the human being could view. They depicted the planet Pluto being present thousands of years before our modern astronomers and scientists confirmed its existence in 1931. They told of other planets that contained water and described the color and surface of Jupiter, information that could not be confirmed until the early 1980's when NASA sent a probe deep into our galaxy and discovered that the Sumerians had actually been accurate in their ancient depictions of the solar system that still remains a mystery to us today. Science has yet to explain how the Sumerians and the Mayans could possibly have known this, hundreds and thousands of years before modern science discovered this information. Not only is our present knowledge of our solar system and universe confirming this ancient knowledge, but is actually using it to further discover what lies beyond Earth's atmosphere.

It is easy to simply discard these ancient tales as folklore, but if they knew the exact structure of our solar system thousands of years before we did, perhaps we should keep an open mind towards their predictions and calculations for their future, which just so happens to be our present. The Sumerians believed that it was a higher race of beings that inhabited the planet Niburu that actually created mankind as we know it today. No matter what you believe, if God represents the force that created humanity, and is an entity from beyond our planet, science would describe this force as an alien being. The fact that "god" as contemporary Christianity sees it, is from a higher place than Earth, literally defines that creational force as being an "alien entity" given that it did not originate on our planet. Once again, my goal is not to disrupt the beliefs of Christianity, Scientology or any other religion. I am merely trying to express the connection I see between science and spirituality. The spiritual "god" can be explained by science as being an entity from beyond Earth, simply saying that whatever force brought us here today and could potentially return, is not from the planet and society that we know today. Overall, I believe that compromise is essential to our evolution of humanity. If we cannot keep an open mind towards our theories and surroundings, there is no way we can build on our dead ends of ignorance.

That being said, the Sumerians claim to have been contacted by a higher form of enlightened beings referred to as the Annunaki, the creators of mankind. The Sumerians illustrated the Annunaki actually created the human race through genetic engineering. If this sounds far fetched, the fact that human beings themselves are able to genetically engineer ourselves and travel space, just go to prove the fact that anything, really.... is possible.

Relative and further information can be found in the following 3 videos, all parts of a documentary on the ancient Sumerian culture and its ties between modern science and religion, perhaps unlocking the balance of compromise between the two:

After reviewing the videos, it is only in this day and age that we can find relevance between the scientific aspects and the ancient biblical scriptures. Science does not necessarily have to oppose religion. If you believe in God, then science is merely a way of human beings to decipher his formula for creating the world we know today. Modern science has only began to confirm the ancient scriptures from our ancestors, who quite possibly knew something that we still have yet to discover.