Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mind over Matter

A balance exists in the universe. Many call it the balance between good and evil but from a scientific perspective it is the +/- positive and negative balance that is present in our universe.

Many believe in karma which is the understanding that those who project positive energy and do good deeds for others, will naturally have that positive energy returned to them. On the other hand, those who are hateful and unfair will eventually receive justice based on the negative energy they draw. Much like the planets, what goes around will eventually come around again.

Quantum theory, spirituality and most religions have an understanding that everything in the universe is connected. Since human beings are a magnetic field and project energy, we essentially alter the charges of invisible particles around us. This chain reaction of energy we send out can adversely affect others.

Have you ever wished something negative upon someone only to have it come true? Projecting negative energy towards somebody will essentially change what happens inside their mind and body whether they are conscious of your negative intentions or not. On the same level, positive attitudes in general seem to bring positive experiences. Many say this is just an illusion but quantum theory again, states that reality is simply an illusion of our minds. Without a balance between positive and negative, nothing could theoretically exist. Good cannot exist without bad just as hot could never exist without cold to compare it to. Those who think "its all good" are just as wrong as those who think nothing good is possible. The fact of the matter is, its a 50% split between both positive and negative that must exist in every factor. Projecting energy by thought (which begins as a small electrical signal in our brain) can easily manifest into a physical reaction as it changes the charge of particles around us. This energy can be transmitted and absorbed by other humans on a level that we are only beginning to understand. Perhaps scientists should look to voodoo for answers.

The following video explains the concept behind our thoughts being able to affect matter and those around us:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Crop Circles

Although many crop circles are man made, they are more than just rural graffiti. When the patterns of them are actually studied they represent physical structures that we are only now beginning to recognise as a higher understanding of science. They have been recorded for centuries and often are in locations where UFO activity is frequent. Often the crops that have been crushed will exhibit signs of microwave exposure which turns the plant's internal water into steam causing them to either expand or burst and leaving them dried out which is a sign that it may not just be rebels trampling psychedelic patterns into farmer's fields. These enormous and intricate formations seem to appear with no trace whatsoever, in time frames that would be impossible to create using just a few people. Much like the pyramids which some believe the Egyptians constructed with the help of a higher life form, these anomalies remain a mystery.

The following video is a deeper look into this phenomenon:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Evolution of Dimensions

A good indicator of our conscious evolution is our knowledge of the different dimensions we associate with everything around us. At first, humans had a 2 Dimensional concept of reality which lead to a belief that the Earth was flat. With the broadening of our intelligence, we began to understand the 3 Dimensional concept of our surroundings and were able to measure these dimensions by length, width and depth. Once we understood the nature of our 3 dimensional surroundings we explored the concept of time and labelled that as our 4th dimension. With this understanding, we are able now to measure anything by length, width, depth and age.

As our consciousness grows and we develop technology to help us peer into the mysteries of the universe, only recently have we began to understand the 5th Dimension which is a never ending fractal pattern of parallel universes that exist on scales beyond what we can see and comprehend. As it stands, the atoms we see under microscopes and the similar patterns of particles orbiting around with gravitational force, suggests that every atom in our world could be a life-bearing universe of its own and that our solar system could just be a complex atom in a world beyond our imaginations.

This concept eludes the understanding of most people, much like the concept of time was too complex for most of our primitive ancestors up until a few thousand years ago. Our understanding of these dimensions grows in correspondence with the evolution of our consciousness. If we look at the immensely large and tiny scales of these proposed parallel universes, we can see that time itself is also skewed. One second on Earth could have been eternity for something on a tiny micro-scale, just as our lifetimes are a nano-second to something on a larger scale that would appear to be moving slower from our human vantage point as time it self is stretched in proportion to the other dimensions.

As we gain a firm grasp on the concepts of a 3 and 4 dimensional world, the 5th dimension also has to deal with size but it describes scales of size we do not even have measurements for. We simply do not have the technology to see what the surface of an atomic particle possesses, much like we still have yet to see the surface of planets in far off galaxies or anything on a larger scale that our universe may be a component of. This fractal dimension is truly something to ponder and is once again a reminder of how limited our perception is towards our existence.

The following video is a visual aid to help understand the concept of fractal dimensions:

The patterns (much like the hallucinations of a psychedelic experience) are the best visual representations of this concept. If most people were to have a vision of this pattern it would be a result of the recreational use of hallucinogenic drugs or through dreaming when DMT is released in the brain naturally by the Pineal gland. There is a growing number of people that believe in the mystical and enlightening power of psychedelic drugs (particularly psylocibin mushrooms which are the most natural and readily available). They have been consumed by humans for centuries and are known to expand the mind into deeper states of consciousness allowing clearer thought and broader understanding. Terence Mckenna theorized that these mushrooms are a catalyst for human evolution and explain the great intelligence we possess compared to our primitive genetic ancestors.

Joe Rogan describes Mckenna's theory in better detail:

To many, the visions that are manifested through the consumption of hallucinogenic substances are far beyond that of simple imaginations. They are a sneak peak into the future of ourselves as humans, a window into the potential for our understanding that have been deemed illegal by the government for obvious reasons since they are counterproductive to the capitalistic ideals of our leaders. They feel it would be better to "leave the space travel to them" even though it may be possible to anyone without even leaving their homes. These substances are classified as drugs, which is a blanket term describing everything from caffeine to heroine. They all alter consciousness but for some reason, the non-addictive hallucinogenic substances that expand human consciousness are restricted and often bundled together with addictive, deadly mind-damaging narcotics such as cocaine, heroine, etc...

I expand on this topic in my post "Divine Understanding"

Friday, October 2, 2009

Manitoba Legistlative Building

Growing up in Winnipeg, I passed by the Manitoba Legislative Building countless numbers of times. It is where laws are established and amended and we are often reminded of the connection between our legal systems and religious beliefs (swearing in on the bible, etc.). To Frank Albo this building holds many secrets and is nothing short of being a sacred temple.

He has been studying this building for close to a decade now and has discovered many mysteries that lay deep inside it's walls. The legislative building was constructed by the Freemasons. It is said that on June 3, 1914 when the final cornerstone was laid, a rare galactic alignment between Mercury and Venus took place. This is not the only galactic reference that we find here however, in fact it is just the beginning. Essentially the legislative building has all the elements of an ancient temple cleverly hidden to the untrained eyes of the thousands of people that have visited it over the years. It wasn't until Frank Albo noticed the giant Sphinx statues on the roof while driving by, that anyone thought to take a closer look into the amazing stories this building has to tell. Albo is the author of the book The Hermetic Code which, in great detail documents his discoveries within the legislative grounds and the history they unravel. Keeping in mind that Albo is of the Christian faith, he sees the symbolism to be religious. The Freemasons that planned and constructed the great temple of Winnipeg share similar beliefs that a higher power exists. Some Freemasons are also of the Christian faith, while others believe in a more spiritual forces of creation and higher powers that are not just limited to God.

Bearing in mind the perspective from which the story is told, here is Frank Albo's description of the symbolism that is present in this fascinating structure:

Watch video on Youtube here

The esoteric properties exhibited throughout the building are representations of a higher understanding. Most religions find it easy to relate to esoteric theories as they represent a higher power (that they consider god) and the connection between humans and the force that created them which is consistent with "big-bang" theories and the concepts of spiritualists. Essentially no matter what you believe, this architecture can physically enlighten you. The ancient Egyptians were known for their amazing masonry feats including the great pyramids and the Sphinx. What's even more interesting is that all of their colossal structures all represent and reflect the forces of the solar system. In fact, it was said that one of King Tut's chambers was brilliantly designed (based on extremely advanced knowledge of the properties of energy frequencies) to actually enhance the solar radiation that the Earth receives to a point where it would alter the DNA of anyone that was present during a certain time in the solar cycle. Yes, the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago found ways to manipulate frequencies of energy, much like the "the pool of the blackstar" manipulates sound waves. An ancient masonic trick to symbolize their higher understanding.

The Freemasons were known to study Kabbalah. Upon my inspection of the legislative grounds on Google Earth, I noticed the pattern of Kabbalah staring me right in the face at the point of N49.53.04 and W97.08.48. Here is that image:

The thin lines and points that I have drawn in light blue clearly portray the pattern of Kabbalah seen below:

The white lines connecting the statues form the outline of a pyramid and in combination with the diagonal walkways of the grounds form the same angles of the symbol of the Freemasons. At the bottom of the picture to the right of the center, just north of the river we see another triangle that is formed with what appear to be bushes cut into some strange shapes. I am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg in the hidden secrets on these grounds but the structure of Kabbalah is very obvious in "plane" view.

By understanding this new age temple in the middle of the Canadian prairies, perhaps we can better understand the hidden meanings behind all of the symbolism and numerology that gives us the power to manifest such magnificent architecture. Many believe that the Egyptians were greatly assisted by a higher power during the construction of their pyramids. If this is so, then surely that assistance has trickled down into our modern society and flowed into Winnipeg somehow.
The religious undertones are only that of the observer. The Freemasons that constructed the Legislative grounds shared the belief in a higher power (including but not limited to the religious definition of God) but were not asked to elaborate. They knew about a higher form of life, but still kept very different ideas of exactly what it was which left a great deal of room for discovery. Regardless of the actual intent of the architect Frank Simon and his crew, I believe that there are some hidden messages in esoteric elements. They have to be found though and I think once we figure out this galactic math test, our understanding will become much more clear.
Until then however, the facts still remain.. an ancient mystery.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


One of the other organizations that follow the Kabbalah are the Freemasons who are known for constructing many of the historical buildings that we know and see everyday. The interesting thing about the Freemasons is they are more than just architects and construction workers, they are actually a secret society that are very protective of the information they know and share. The link between them and governing forces does not end at the construction of their buildings, but a majority of the politicians that end up successfully working in congress belong to this "secret society" as well. Freemasonry beliefs remain vague and are rarely spoken about outside of their own gatherings. They do believe in supreme beings and are not asked to expand on their beliefs, which is tolerant of their members being part of various different religious faiths as long as they believe in a higher power that could include anything from God to Satan with life on other planets in between.

The following series describes the history of the Freemasons and the huge role they still play in the development and overseeing of our society:


Many mistake Kabbalah as an organized religion. It is the ongoing understanding of the connection between everything in the universe through study of ancient scriptures and patterns that are the basis for many of the world's oldest organized religions to this date. Until recently I knew nothing more of this than being some kind of celebrity fad a few years ago that Madonna had initiated. My understanding of kabbalah is that it's based on the theory that everything in the universe shares the same connection and follows repeating patterns that can hold the answer to our deepest questions and ultimately connecting humans with "god" or the creating forces of our existence. It was originally studied by the Jewish faith but was adopted as a topic of interest by many other faiths. Kabbalah relates to quantum mechanics as well, as it is basically the understanding that we don't understand. Confused? That's the point.

The following video is a very basic description of Kabbalah:

There are no rules with Kabbalah, so everyone has their own interpritations of it. Essentially the pattern remains the same and is a universal formula for discovery on any level and can go as complex as any observor can comprehend. We are still limited in our perception of the universe and what it all means and often limit ourselves even more by preoccupying our brains constantly with all the work and meaningless wastes of time we must endure to survive. Any sort of speculation into one's universe is often labelled as abnormal behaviour in our traditional society. To see if I could find any relevance in the Kabbalah pattern I decided plug in my current understanding of life into the pattern to see what I could come up with.

Here is the standard pattern of Kabbalah:

Here is my understanding of life plugged into Kabbalah:

It seemed to connect instantly when I took the blank pattern and attempted to make sense out of it somehow. It starts at the bottom (much like this blog) with the basis of life itself. This represents every "sub-human" species on our earth from bacteria to mammals. From there we follow the process of evolution upward through time to find where humans fit in. This is where life is no longer simple and we start devoloping belief systems and religions. On the other side we develop scientific understanding and initially this opposes the thoughts of the religious as we have seen throughout history in the past. The flow of time is upward along with the evolution of consciousness. The pattern of Kabbalah is often referred to as "the tree of life" representing growth from the ground-up.

Presently we have a knowledge of the universe based on physics. Physics is the evolution of our basic scientific principles over time. On an opposing end, the strict rules of religion gave way to spirituality which left more room for evolutionary thought and scientific acceptance. In this day and age, science and spirituality are still isolated paralell worlds for some people.

Over the course of time, quantum mechanics evolved from our present observations of what were thought to be physical laws. The quantum world is mysterious and incredibly difficult to grasp without years of study much like the spiritual world and the concept of life on other planets is just as baffling. These, continuing as paralells give us a small look into the future? Essentially, if we know what we know then what we don't know lets us know what we don't know. Puzzling. What's even more puzzling is when you look at the overall goals of quantum mechanics and the overall goals of spirituality are the exact same: To connect humans with a higher power.

Keeping in mind that everyone uses different terms to describe things based on their own reality tunnels. For example, science will tell us that the universe was created by the "big bang" while relgion will say it was "god". Regardless of the force that created us, both science and religion will tell you that we are all still connected to each other and to the rest of the universe through that force. The forces are still mysterious to both parties and anyone that settles with a closed-minded concept of the universe is just not evolving. Creation and evolution, both science and religion cannot argue that both concepts are relivant.

As I feel that I have spent almost enough time looking into this Kabbalah phenomenon to consider it a sidetrack, I still have never had anything fit into place so flowlessly. I am by no means a studier or follower of Kabbalah, but I do like to learn more about it as time goes on. The ancient authors of the scriptures incorporated with kabbalah wrote in code to protect the impowering wisdom to fall into the wrong hands. For just as this study can be used for good, it can be used for evil.

The following series describes the history of Kabbalah, its affects on modern science and many of the religions and legistlative systems that we use today:


I literally just realized that my first couple blog posts took place on a somewhat significant date. September 9th, 2009 or 09/09/09. So far I've been up all night filtering information out of different sources such as the study of the Illuminati and Kabbalah and it somehow lead me to this video that describes 9/9/9 as being the date in which a gateway opens into some type of higher consciousness and understanding. Before reading this video, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the subject matter of my blog from the bottom-up. I believe that we often tend to use numbers to "see what we want" and can form them into a meaningful pattern despite what they are. This 9/9/9 video is too much of a coincidence for me, however. Through some divine thirst for knowledge, I had been piecing together information I found about 2012 and different aspects of its significance. It wasn't until Sept. 9th of this year (09/09/09) that I decided to document this information online for the sole purpose of keeping all of my information together in one place and narrating my discoveries in cyberspace. I was completely unaware of what this would actually manifest itself into. Lately I've been turning down invitations to party, because I am more interested in watching lectures on quantum mechanics online. As pathetic as this may seem, I truly believe that there is some way to bring all this random information together and convey it into a structure that ultimately shows how everything is universally connected. As I unravel the mysteries of ancient civilizations and begin to grasp the concepts of astrophysics, I can't help but to understand how everything we know and don't know has a connection beyond that of our perception. Something just went off in my head one day and said "write this stuff down" so I did. Coincidentally, that day was 09/09/09.

The following video describes the significance of this date from the point of view of astrology:

Furthering my exploration of this date in numbers I discovered through some form of occult numerology that:

September 9, 2009, is the 252nd day of the year, 252 adds to 9, and 09-09-09 = 27. The day itself falls on a Wednesday and both Wednesday & September have 9 letters.

Multiply nine by any two, three or four-digit number and the sums of those will also break down to nine. For example: 9x62 = 558; 5+5+8=18; 1+8=9.

999 is 666 inverted. 6+6+6 = 18 = 9+9

Once again, I still believe that we ultimately see what we want in numbers. It just seems that some patterns show more "coincidences" than others.