Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Evolution of Dimensions

A good indicator of our conscious evolution is our knowledge of the different dimensions we associate with everything around us. At first, humans had a 2 Dimensional concept of reality which lead to a belief that the Earth was flat. With the broadening of our intelligence, we began to understand the 3 Dimensional concept of our surroundings and were able to measure these dimensions by length, width and depth. Once we understood the nature of our 3 dimensional surroundings we explored the concept of time and labelled that as our 4th dimension. With this understanding, we are able now to measure anything by length, width, depth and age.

As our consciousness grows and we develop technology to help us peer into the mysteries of the universe, only recently have we began to understand the 5th Dimension which is a never ending fractal pattern of parallel universes that exist on scales beyond what we can see and comprehend. As it stands, the atoms we see under microscopes and the similar patterns of particles orbiting around with gravitational force, suggests that every atom in our world could be a life-bearing universe of its own and that our solar system could just be a complex atom in a world beyond our imaginations.

This concept eludes the understanding of most people, much like the concept of time was too complex for most of our primitive ancestors up until a few thousand years ago. Our understanding of these dimensions grows in correspondence with the evolution of our consciousness. If we look at the immensely large and tiny scales of these proposed parallel universes, we can see that time itself is also skewed. One second on Earth could have been eternity for something on a tiny micro-scale, just as our lifetimes are a nano-second to something on a larger scale that would appear to be moving slower from our human vantage point as time it self is stretched in proportion to the other dimensions.

As we gain a firm grasp on the concepts of a 3 and 4 dimensional world, the 5th dimension also has to deal with size but it describes scales of size we do not even have measurements for. We simply do not have the technology to see what the surface of an atomic particle possesses, much like we still have yet to see the surface of planets in far off galaxies or anything on a larger scale that our universe may be a component of. This fractal dimension is truly something to ponder and is once again a reminder of how limited our perception is towards our existence.

The following video is a visual aid to help understand the concept of fractal dimensions:

The patterns (much like the hallucinations of a psychedelic experience) are the best visual representations of this concept. If most people were to have a vision of this pattern it would be a result of the recreational use of hallucinogenic drugs or through dreaming when DMT is released in the brain naturally by the Pineal gland. There is a growing number of people that believe in the mystical and enlightening power of psychedelic drugs (particularly psylocibin mushrooms which are the most natural and readily available). They have been consumed by humans for centuries and are known to expand the mind into deeper states of consciousness allowing clearer thought and broader understanding. Terence Mckenna theorized that these mushrooms are a catalyst for human evolution and explain the great intelligence we possess compared to our primitive genetic ancestors.

Joe Rogan describes Mckenna's theory in better detail:

To many, the visions that are manifested through the consumption of hallucinogenic substances are far beyond that of simple imaginations. They are a sneak peak into the future of ourselves as humans, a window into the potential for our understanding that have been deemed illegal by the government for obvious reasons since they are counterproductive to the capitalistic ideals of our leaders. They feel it would be better to "leave the space travel to them" even though it may be possible to anyone without even leaving their homes. These substances are classified as drugs, which is a blanket term describing everything from caffeine to heroine. They all alter consciousness but for some reason, the non-addictive hallucinogenic substances that expand human consciousness are restricted and often bundled together with addictive, deadly mind-damaging narcotics such as cocaine, heroine, etc...

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