Friday, October 2, 2009

Manitoba Legistlative Building

Growing up in Winnipeg, I passed by the Manitoba Legislative Building countless numbers of times. It is where laws are established and amended and we are often reminded of the connection between our legal systems and religious beliefs (swearing in on the bible, etc.). To Frank Albo this building holds many secrets and is nothing short of being a sacred temple.

He has been studying this building for close to a decade now and has discovered many mysteries that lay deep inside it's walls. The legislative building was constructed by the Freemasons. It is said that on June 3, 1914 when the final cornerstone was laid, a rare galactic alignment between Mercury and Venus took place. This is not the only galactic reference that we find here however, in fact it is just the beginning. Essentially the legislative building has all the elements of an ancient temple cleverly hidden to the untrained eyes of the thousands of people that have visited it over the years. It wasn't until Frank Albo noticed the giant Sphinx statues on the roof while driving by, that anyone thought to take a closer look into the amazing stories this building has to tell. Albo is the author of the book The Hermetic Code which, in great detail documents his discoveries within the legislative grounds and the history they unravel. Keeping in mind that Albo is of the Christian faith, he sees the symbolism to be religious. The Freemasons that planned and constructed the great temple of Winnipeg share similar beliefs that a higher power exists. Some Freemasons are also of the Christian faith, while others believe in a more spiritual forces of creation and higher powers that are not just limited to God.

Bearing in mind the perspective from which the story is told, here is Frank Albo's description of the symbolism that is present in this fascinating structure:

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The esoteric properties exhibited throughout the building are representations of a higher understanding. Most religions find it easy to relate to esoteric theories as they represent a higher power (that they consider god) and the connection between humans and the force that created them which is consistent with "big-bang" theories and the concepts of spiritualists. Essentially no matter what you believe, this architecture can physically enlighten you. The ancient Egyptians were known for their amazing masonry feats including the great pyramids and the Sphinx. What's even more interesting is that all of their colossal structures all represent and reflect the forces of the solar system. In fact, it was said that one of King Tut's chambers was brilliantly designed (based on extremely advanced knowledge of the properties of energy frequencies) to actually enhance the solar radiation that the Earth receives to a point where it would alter the DNA of anyone that was present during a certain time in the solar cycle. Yes, the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago found ways to manipulate frequencies of energy, much like the "the pool of the blackstar" manipulates sound waves. An ancient masonic trick to symbolize their higher understanding.

The Freemasons were known to study Kabbalah. Upon my inspection of the legislative grounds on Google Earth, I noticed the pattern of Kabbalah staring me right in the face at the point of N49.53.04 and W97.08.48. Here is that image:

The thin lines and points that I have drawn in light blue clearly portray the pattern of Kabbalah seen below:

The white lines connecting the statues form the outline of a pyramid and in combination with the diagonal walkways of the grounds form the same angles of the symbol of the Freemasons. At the bottom of the picture to the right of the center, just north of the river we see another triangle that is formed with what appear to be bushes cut into some strange shapes. I am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg in the hidden secrets on these grounds but the structure of Kabbalah is very obvious in "plane" view.

By understanding this new age temple in the middle of the Canadian prairies, perhaps we can better understand the hidden meanings behind all of the symbolism and numerology that gives us the power to manifest such magnificent architecture. Many believe that the Egyptians were greatly assisted by a higher power during the construction of their pyramids. If this is so, then surely that assistance has trickled down into our modern society and flowed into Winnipeg somehow.
The religious undertones are only that of the observer. The Freemasons that constructed the Legislative grounds shared the belief in a higher power (including but not limited to the religious definition of God) but were not asked to elaborate. They knew about a higher form of life, but still kept very different ideas of exactly what it was which left a great deal of room for discovery. Regardless of the actual intent of the architect Frank Simon and his crew, I believe that there are some hidden messages in esoteric elements. They have to be found though and I think once we figure out this galactic math test, our understanding will become much more clear.
Until then however, the facts still remain.. an ancient mystery.