Thursday, October 1, 2009


Many mistake Kabbalah as an organized religion. It is the ongoing understanding of the connection between everything in the universe through study of ancient scriptures and patterns that are the basis for many of the world's oldest organized religions to this date. Until recently I knew nothing more of this than being some kind of celebrity fad a few years ago that Madonna had initiated. My understanding of kabbalah is that it's based on the theory that everything in the universe shares the same connection and follows repeating patterns that can hold the answer to our deepest questions and ultimately connecting humans with "god" or the creating forces of our existence. It was originally studied by the Jewish faith but was adopted as a topic of interest by many other faiths. Kabbalah relates to quantum mechanics as well, as it is basically the understanding that we don't understand. Confused? That's the point.

The following video is a very basic description of Kabbalah:

There are no rules with Kabbalah, so everyone has their own interpritations of it. Essentially the pattern remains the same and is a universal formula for discovery on any level and can go as complex as any observor can comprehend. We are still limited in our perception of the universe and what it all means and often limit ourselves even more by preoccupying our brains constantly with all the work and meaningless wastes of time we must endure to survive. Any sort of speculation into one's universe is often labelled as abnormal behaviour in our traditional society. To see if I could find any relevance in the Kabbalah pattern I decided plug in my current understanding of life into the pattern to see what I could come up with.

Here is the standard pattern of Kabbalah:

Here is my understanding of life plugged into Kabbalah:

It seemed to connect instantly when I took the blank pattern and attempted to make sense out of it somehow. It starts at the bottom (much like this blog) with the basis of life itself. This represents every "sub-human" species on our earth from bacteria to mammals. From there we follow the process of evolution upward through time to find where humans fit in. This is where life is no longer simple and we start devoloping belief systems and religions. On the other side we develop scientific understanding and initially this opposes the thoughts of the religious as we have seen throughout history in the past. The flow of time is upward along with the evolution of consciousness. The pattern of Kabbalah is often referred to as "the tree of life" representing growth from the ground-up.

Presently we have a knowledge of the universe based on physics. Physics is the evolution of our basic scientific principles over time. On an opposing end, the strict rules of religion gave way to spirituality which left more room for evolutionary thought and scientific acceptance. In this day and age, science and spirituality are still isolated paralell worlds for some people.

Over the course of time, quantum mechanics evolved from our present observations of what were thought to be physical laws. The quantum world is mysterious and incredibly difficult to grasp without years of study much like the spiritual world and the concept of life on other planets is just as baffling. These, continuing as paralells give us a small look into the future? Essentially, if we know what we know then what we don't know lets us know what we don't know. Puzzling. What's even more puzzling is when you look at the overall goals of quantum mechanics and the overall goals of spirituality are the exact same: To connect humans with a higher power.

Keeping in mind that everyone uses different terms to describe things based on their own reality tunnels. For example, science will tell us that the universe was created by the "big bang" while relgion will say it was "god". Regardless of the force that created us, both science and religion will tell you that we are all still connected to each other and to the rest of the universe through that force. The forces are still mysterious to both parties and anyone that settles with a closed-minded concept of the universe is just not evolving. Creation and evolution, both science and religion cannot argue that both concepts are relivant.

As I feel that I have spent almost enough time looking into this Kabbalah phenomenon to consider it a sidetrack, I still have never had anything fit into place so flowlessly. I am by no means a studier or follower of Kabbalah, but I do like to learn more about it as time goes on. The ancient authors of the scriptures incorporated with kabbalah wrote in code to protect the impowering wisdom to fall into the wrong hands. For just as this study can be used for good, it can be used for evil.

The following series describes the history of Kabbalah, its affects on modern science and many of the religions and legistlative systems that we use today: