Sunday, June 2, 2013

2012 is over??

I know the irony that this blog started as a countdown to some sort of mass spiritual awakening if you don't believe that anything happened on December 21st, 2012. The fact of the matter is though, in many ways things did change or remain the same in the sense that change is the only constant. I personally encountered a life-changing event that day and decided to move out and focus my attention on new things and inspire more independence and creativity within myself. In a lot of ways it was actually the end of the world as I knew it. A time to choose my own reality and free myself from certain patterns and people that were harmful to my own existence.

Things did become quite real for me on that day and it was a time to start fresh in a sense. The dawning of a new age in the sun wasn't something that was a dramatic change but something that was slowly happening and will slowly continue to happen over time. On the timescale that the universe operates in, 2000 of our years is a mere fraction of a second in it's timescale. Nevertheless, this was a day that did mark certain significance of our planet reaching the peaks of certain energies and the valleys of others. Personally, I have been feeling different energies and emotions since then as I am incredibly receptive to the subtle energies of the planet whether I like it or not. These are all subtle changes over time and can be seen with tension building in some parts of the world, economies getting worse every year, weather patterns becoming more extreme and unpredictable and even in the actions of the people and animals around us. The song "Age of Aquarius" was composed almost 50 years ago, and it's lyrics state the truth that this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. We still have 2600 years left to go.

Anywhere you look, there is some evidence of collapse in societies which only paves the way for rebirth and new beginnings. When there are more vacant and foreclosed homes in America than there are homeless people, that to me is a clear indication that something is severely wrong with this system we have going here. When it's literally impossible to survive financially on minimum wage with all of the increasing expenses of transportation and cost of living, people are having no choice but to resort to any means of survival they can. Generally if people are forced to turn to crime they end up getting arrested and charged and forever labelled a criminal which disables their oppurtunities for earning an honest living and pushing them right back into crime again. Some people work two full-time jobs to support their families and never get to see a vacation or even have time to think for themselves their entire lives. Then those people who are fortunate enough to have enough income to support themselves comfortably are trapped in houses they can't afford, driving gas-guzzling vehicles they can't afford and never seeming to have time or the mental capacity to enjoy life at any level beyond the surface. This is all subjective however because the amount of money one needs to survive varies person-to-person depending on what that person is comfortable with. If image is all one is concerned about from the most shallow of existences then that person better be prepared to pay the most, with the least long-term satisfaction. In fact the long-term effect of such stresses and lack of appreciation for some people will ultimately lead to their own suffering and demise. When nothing is ever good enough, nothing can ever be good.

I truly believe that more and more people on this planet are beginning to awaken and those who are caught in this egoic state of money-driven lifestyles are no longer the majority of the population. Although in this day and age a source of income is required to live any type of lifestyle, this doesn't have to be something we have to sell our souls for. A humble lifestyle requires only a humble salary and it's not someone's income that defines them but simply their choice of spending their money and ultimately their life achieving.

The ability to adapt to our surroundings is what determines our success as individuals. There are some people who are constantly changing their perspectives and outlook such as myself, and there are those who desperately cling to the past and resist any type of changes in their lives despite the ever-changing nature of the world and the universe. This resistance to change becomes disruptive to the mind, the heart and ultimately results in disease due to energy blockages. That constant fighting against what is natural is a long-term, agonizing form of suicide. Even short-term ruts can lead to depression and lower self-esteem, can drive people away from what they actually need in life and turn them to simple pleasures that form addictions and drain all of our attention away from being genuinely happy and finding a purpose to our lives and turning the world into a better place through simply changing ourselves. As cliche as this sounds, it's entirely possible for anyone to do and I am living proof. The key is not letting this realization of power and control over your own happiness get to your head. If you feel on top of the world, it's easy to get into a state of harmful behavior if not properly grounded. There is no point where you can really relax and coast through life without losing touch of who you really are and your ultimate purpose since your ultimate purpose involves constatnly changing and evolving in whatever you choose to do. There is no blaming others or society for what you lack in your own life. Once you realize that and forgive yourself for that, the slate is wiped clean and you can start fresh, moulding your own life into whatever you want it to be.

This is what I realized on December 21st, 2012.

Since then, I've managed to secure a new apartment and although it took a lot of hard work and drained most of my income, I can say that it is now apparent that I am the only one to blame for my own sucesses and failures. I am forced to deal with the changing economy and not take my income and oppurtunities for granted. Some of my major expenses were things that were terrible for my own spiritual and physical health and some things that are great for my overall health like sunshine, excersize and fresh air are completely free. I have certainly become more creative, producing and selling art, composing music for fun and been inspired to write more. I see the world in a new light as I accept the new energies on this planet for the changes that we ultimately need to awaken as a planet. There was no real change in my income, just a major reconfiguring of my expenses. I find that it's actually cheaper to eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables are much cheaper snacks than chocolate and chips. Not going out and drinking or wasting my energy on things that are harmful to me saves so much money and is much healthier for me. Walking or biking to work saves me hundreds of dollars not needing a vehicle and is excellent excersize. Different changes like these I have been able to embrace to better my own existance, become more humble and allow myself more freedom and less of an ego or reputation to maintain constantly.

When we, ourselves become genuinely happy and aligned with our true callings in life, we are balanced and full of life to the point where our gratitude and love start to radiate outwards. Slowly, even the thickest of egos that surround us begin to soften and open up. The future is seperate from the past and we have to start looking at every moment as "right now" instead of later on. No more dwelling or procrastination. The moment to start changing is right now and always will be. Embrace those things that make you truly happy and find ways to discard anything that is simply causing you stress or sucking the life out of you. There's never anything wrong with finding a new job although it may take some careful planning. The time to start looking is right now though and there is no greater time to do so. If more people start embracing changes instead of fearing them, the world will be a lot more free instead of this self-imposed slavery that we choose for ourselves.

I believe that 2012 was the point at which some people awakened at different stages. Some people with their first spiritual realizations and some people who's purpose and callings simply got stronger and clearer. There are still those that are resistant to any changes though and that is their choice. It is not our job to force them to change, but simply be there to guide them should they ever choose to and inspire them to do so not by rubbing it in their faces but by being genuinely happy ourselves and eventually they will aspire to be the same. This is the shift of consciousness that 2012 is all about.