Friday, December 18, 2009


There are some that understand math and some that do not. Mathematics is a way of thinking. Essentially every action we make, word we write and thought we have will break down into numbers eventually. Numbers 2-9 are simply a short form for writing out how many of something exists. That collective existence is a 1. Basically everything operates as 1's and 0's when you break it down even further. Science will tell us that when we break down matter of any kind, it's root is energy which operates through various physical laws and is a self-sustaining force that can never be created or destroyed (just transferred). Energy relies on a balance of positive and negative charges, that in various combinations will give us the universe that surrounds us. To understand the number one is to understand infinity. The only numbers that you ever need to know about are zero and infinity, the only two numbers that if squared, multiplied, subtracted or divided by itself, still equals itself. Any other number that is divided by itself is equal to 1. The numbers 1-9 simply represent an infinite "something" in a field of "nothing".

A simple way to understand the relation between zero and infinity is to take for example the exponential size of our universe. To us, the size of the entire universe is infinity. It is everything we know that exists. In comparison, if we look into a microscope and observe the smallest of atomic particles orbiting each other with the same uniform forces of energy we observe in the universe, each atom is a universe within itself, and there are infinite possibilities that lay within the spaces that are so tiny, we cannot detect, and therefore don't exist to us (zero).

I believe it is important to adopt such an abstract way of thinking. My personal "mathematical understanding" of the universe supports many theories. Many religions and spiritually guided people agree with the concept that everything in the universe is connected through one divine energy. In this case 1 = INFINITY. To understand that to every end there is a new beginning, and that energy can never be created or destroyed, merely transferred into another form. This is called the Law of Conservation of Energy, and has been supported by science for centuries. Anyone who is familiar with the concepts of Quantum Mechanics is aware of the abstract numerology behind the inner-workings of our universe. I truly feel that in order to understand where we fit into the universe, we must first shed our archaic symbolic systems and begin thinking on a simpler, less complicated scale. Whether it is "Good and Evil" or "Rich and Poor" everything breaks down to the binary system of positive and negative. Unfortunately in order for positive to exist there must therefore be a negative to compare it to. This balance is crucial to understand before one can start to harness and control their own transmitting and receiving of energy. Many refer to this concept as "centering" themselves. It is a realization that you are no better or worse than anyone on this planet and despite whatever living conditions you are in, or situations that you face, you still feel the same human emotions of people who on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. It is all relative and depends on the balance that you have created with your experiences (for example those of us who live in a cold climate, appreciate a day in the winter where it goes just above freezing. Those used to a warm climate would see the same temperature as the coldest they had ever seen).

Once you understand the necessary balance that must be maintained, you can adjust your life accordingly to maximize your prosperity and success. In many ways this is a positive thing, but you must also learn to recognize the negatives in things that seem positive. Explore every angle that you can and broaden your reality tunnel. Expand your mind and never settle for what science or organized religion tell you. They may be completely accurate, but never settle on theories because they will change and adapt over time. To be able to adapt and change is being able to evolve.